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My Twitter Avatar

Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason

Published May 4th, 2022

My Twitter avatar is outlined by a blue, previously green, progress bar that I get asked about often.

The progress bar is updated in real-time every time I get a new follower. When I reach 10 new followers, the progress bar resets and the loop begins again.

To achieve this effect, I use BlackMagic.so, a suite of tools for influencers to enhance Twitter from Tony Dinh. Their main product is an analytics tools, but they have a free tool named Profile Progress Bar, which you can use to add a progress bar to your Twitter avatar.

BlackMagic.so Profile Progress Bar Twitter Tool

Connect your Twitter account to BlackMagic.so to add a progress bar to your Twitter avatar. You can customize the colors and progress value to your liking and start the real-time updates.

BlackMagic.so has several other free, and paid tools, but this is currently the only one I use.

There is no real reason other than it’s fun.

Want to see it increment? Follow me on Twitter! 😉

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