I have hosted a number of podcasts and been interviewed on others. This a list of some of my favorite episodes.


320: ViewComponents in Action with Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason is the lead developer for CodeFund, an ethical advertising platform. When he is not working on CodeFund, he is podcasting on The Ruby Blend or Remote Ruby, writing blog posts, or working on open source projects. He and Brittany discuss his implementation of ViewComponent at CodeFund.

Joined by Andrew Mason

For the second week in a row, we chat with a Ruby Rogues' panelist, Andrew Mason. Andrew shares his path to programming through graphic design, as well as how he joined Ruby Rogues, became involved with open source, became invested in the Ruby community, and more.

MRS 074: Andrew Mason

Charles Max Wood introduces the newest panelist for Ruby Rogues, Andrew Mason. Andrew shares his background and how got into computer programming. Andrew and Charles share their stories of first using ruby and the sense of wonder they felt. Andrew talks about what he has done in Ruby and shares his excitement to learn while on Ruby Rogues.

Two Docker Noobs Talk About Docker - with Andrew Mason

In this episode I drag my friend Andrew Mason through a long, rambling, undisciplined discussion of a number of things including me and Andrew's respective experiences with Docker.