I am a big believer of building in public, which I do over on GitHub. I have built a few gems, which you can find on RubyGems, and even some Node packages, which are on npm.

I maintain, whether actively or passively, all repositories on GitHub. All of my old or unfinished code can be found in my dedicated archive organization. I keep all Bridgetown related projects in a dedicated organization named bt.rb, which you can join if you’d like to have a shared place to put maintained Bridgetown projects, plugins, actions, and more.

Open Source

I contribute to open source projects when I can, but currently I would not describe myself as an “active contributor” to one specifically like I have in the past.

Highlighted projects I used to actively contribute to through code, community, or both:

Highlighted projects that I’ve made a few contributions to:

Highlighted projects that I’ve made at least one contribution to:

Additional Resources

You may also be interested in my gists, where I occasionally post code snippets and other misc. things to. I’m currently thinking about how to use these more efficiently to store code snippets.

Discoveries and lessons learned while working on these side projects are documented in my writing.

Last Updated: Jan 29th, 2022