Some of the projects I have created or contribute to.

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consolidated_screening_list iconconsolidated_screening_listRuby client for interfacing with the Consolidated Screening List (CSL)bundler-audit-action iconbundler-audit-actionThis GitHub Action runs bundler-audit on your project.dishwasher icondishwasherA CLI tool to help you easily delete forked repositories.pruner iconprunerCLI tool to delete Git branchesdocker-graphite-statsdDocker image for Graphite & StatsdgreasyforkAn online repository of user scripts.blogThe thoughtram blogawesome-ruby:gem: A collection of awesome Ruby libraries, tools, frameworks and softwareredux-formA Higher Order Component using react-redux to keep form state in a Redux storeeslint-config-kentcdoddsESLint configuration for projects that I do... Feel free to use this!webpack-config-utilsUtilities to help your webpack config be easier to readmatch-sorterSimple, expected, and deterministic best-match sorting of an array in JavaScriptrtl-css-jsRTL for CSS in JSasts-workshopImproved productivity 💯 with the practical 🤓 use of the power 💪 of Abstract Syntax Trees 🌳 to lint ⚠️ and transform 🔀 your codecable_readyCableReady completes the ActionCable story and expands the utility of web sockets in your Rails appbabel-plugin-preval🐣 Pre-evaluate code at build-timepreval.macroPre-evaluate code at build-time with babel-macrosbabel-plugin-codegen💥 Generate code at build-timereact-toggledComponent to build simple, flexible, and accessible toggle componentskcd-scriptsCLI toolbox for common scripts for my projectsimport-all.macroA babel-macro that allows you to import all files that match a globfinal-form🏁 Framework agnostic, high performance, subscription-based form state managementadvanced-react-patterns-v2Created with CodeSandboxjest-cypress-react-babel-webpackConfigure Jest for Testing JavaScript Applications and Install, Configure, and Script Cypress for JavaScript Web Applications on TestingJavaScript.comstimulus_reflexBuild reactive applications with the Rails tooling you already know and love.code_fund_adsCodeFund is an open source platform that helps fund maintainers, bloggers, and builders through non-tracking ethical adsnetlify-shortenerYour own free URL shortener with Netlifyuse-deep-compare-effect🐋 It's react's useEffect hook, except using deep comparison on the inputs, not reference equalityrbsType Signature for Rubyreact-hooksLearn React Hooks! 🎣 ⚛stop-runaway-react-effects🏃 Catches situations when a react use(Layout)Effect runs repeatedly in rapid successiontesting-node-appsTest Node.js Backends on TestingJavaScript.comview_componentA framework for building reusable, testable & encapsulated view components in Ruby on blog written with Gatsbyattractorcode complexity metrics visualization and exploration tool for ruby and javascriptmodern-javascriptGet up to speed on the latest, most useful JavaScript features to level up your programmingreact-performanceLet's make our apps fast ⚡stimulus_reflex_expoStimulusReflex demosdotfilesList of my config dotfilesoptimismcode_fund_webWIPbridgetownA Webpack-aware, Ruby-powered static site generator for the modern Jamstack erakowlKowl is a Rails (v6.*) based opinionated application generator used to get started quicklyapplocale-rubyRubyGem for interfacing with to pull translationsrailsbytesmotion-samplepractice appsimplecov-tailwindcssSimplecov Output of HTML using Tailwind UX designstructurelyUnofficial Structurely API Ruby Clientbridgetown-starter-storybookWIP Bridgetown starter template with Storybook and Primerkitchen-sinkMisc Automation, Plugins, and Scripts for Bridgetownbridgetown-demo-webpack-5WIP Webpack 5 setup for Bridgetownbridgetown-template-foamWIP Bridgetown Foamvscode-blogging-extension-packA collection of extensions to enhance content curation and creation for VS Code + Bridgetownbridgetown-liquid-snippetsconfigsMonorepo to manage sharing configs across sites and projects.githubStandard Community Health Files for BTRBbridgetown-theme-bootstrap-blogBridgetown Theme Bootstrap 5 Blogbridgetown-theme-snowpack-tailwind-starterbetterminitest.comLearn how to write better Minitest tests

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