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Andrew Mason

is a software engineer, podcaster, and creator.

This website is my home on the web and part of my digital brain. This is where I publish tutorials, tips, and more about Ruby, Ruby on Rails, developer tooling, and more. It is constantly evolving as I explore new ideas so don’t be surprised to find a few unfinished features lying around.

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    A list of projects that I have some level of involvement with.

  • Podcasts →

    I currently host RemoteRuby and have guested on several other podcasts.

  • Speaking →

    A list of my CFPs and details of my public speaking adventures.

  • Remote Ruby →

    A podcast for Rubyists that I co-host with Jason Charnes and Chris Oliver.

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    A weekly, hand-curated Ruby newsletter showcasing articles, videos, gems, and more that I create with Collin Jilbert.

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