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8 Tailwind CSS resources to help your next project takeoff

Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason

Published Aug 13th, 2020

Let’s face it, no matter whether its our first or hundredth time, staring at a blank Tailwind CSS is intimidating. The enormity of the task at hand starts to crash over you as the excitement begins to build. Here are eight resources that I reach for first when I need to move quickly or want inspiration that may prove helpful to you.

At the end of list I will let you know which of the following I add to every Tailwind CSS project, NO MATTER WHAT!

Theme Components

{% github praveenjuge/kutty %} {% github estevanmaito/windmill-dashboard %}

Text & Typography Components

{% github jhta/tailwindcss-truncate-multiline %} {% github tailwindlabs/tailwindcss-typography %}

Layout Components

{% github tailwindlabs/tailwindcss-custom-forms %} {% github Log1x/tailwindcss-container-sizes %}

Bonus: Developer XP

{% github rogden/tailwind-config-viewer %} {% github jorenvanhee/tailwindcss-debug-screens %}

Out of all of these great resources, I find Tailwind Debug Screens to be the most helpful, most of the time. In addition to the time you will save by using the plugin, it will also help you create better responsive designs and become more familiar with sizing in Tailwind by sight.

Happy coding!

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