Alfred Custom Terminal Snippet

on alfred_script(q)
  do shell script "open -a Warp ~"
  set appOpen to false
  set nbrOfTry to 0
  delay 0.5
      tell application "System Events"
        if exists (window 1 of process "Warp") then
          set appOpen to true
          exit repeat
        end if
      end tell
    end try
    set nbrOfTry to nbrOfTry + 1
    if nbrOfTry = 20 then exit repeat
    delay 0.5
  end repeat
  if appOpen then tell application "System Events" to keystroke q & return
end alfred_script


  1. Replace Warp in the script above with the name of your terminal app, e.g., Archipelago, Fig, Warp
  2. Open Alfred’s preferences1 and navigate to the Terminal preferences2 under “Features”
  3. Set Application to Custom
  4. In the text box that appears, paste the script

Last Updated: Feb 7th, 2022